“Healing the World One Fairy at a Time”


Over the years I have been blessed with the honor of creating over 3500 pieces for folks all over the world. Many times my treasures are purchased for small children as a celebration of the wonder and magic of childhood. But I’m also contacted to create pieces to celebrate a marriage or new baby, or memorialize the passing of a child, sister, grandmother or pet, to celebrate multi-generational families, as a guardian angel over a woman wishing to become pregnant or deliver her baby safely or because there is something about the work that reminds a mommy of a time that passed all too quickly: when her daughter or son was just a wee baby.

I create pieces that mean something to me, that are beautiful to me, and when they go out into the world, they touch the recipient. I’m sharing this with you not to boast, but to encourage you to know that each and every one of us has the power to create something we love, and when we send something infused with love out into the world, it has the power to heal. When our work, be it at home, in an office, on stage, or at the end of a sharp, barbed needle becomes about every person whose life we touch, it doesn’t really matter what specific activity we engage in. My personal motto for needle felting is “Healing the World One Fairy at a Time.” This is what makes me return to the needles and the pad and the wool over and over again, even when I am exhausted.


Healing. It’s my raison d’etre when it comes to my wool treasures…or any of my creative passions. Healing the world. That may sound either like a tall order or a fantasy but I want to share with you that whatever you do, if you do it with love and send it out into the world, it will touch somebody.

Yes, healthy, bouncing children and many adults enjoy my work. But I have also been moved to tears hearing about how my fairies surrounded one customer’s sister during her last days in hospice and how she felt that I through my fairies was in the room, or knowing that one of my angels was sent to comfort a grieving mother in Australia, or knowing one of my fairies is helping a child with a sleep disorder, etc. Sometimes it feels like a big responsibility. But at the same time I know that my work is an invited guest, not the navigator on the individual journeys people take. What an honor.

Needle felted family by Rebecca Varon aka Nushkie

So, I invite you if you are an artist or crafter to delve deeper into your work. Don’t worry about the sales, they will come, only think about how much  joy you experience by the work itself. For those of you who are not actively creating, I encourage you to write, sing, pick up an instrument, knit, sew, paint, sculpt, cook, bake, garden, or, yes, needle felt. The give away or sell your work and see what happens to the world around you. You are the source of healing. Isn’t that amazing?!

If you’d like to make fairies and don’t know where to start, I invite you to join me on July 21 in Carlsbad. Click Here for details and to sign up.

In the meantime, thank you for joining me here on the blog.

With much love,


Mermaids, Messengers of Transformation

Water has long been seen as a symbol for transformation. After all it is a super conductor of  heat, sound, vibration of any sort and even feelings. Water is the source without which nothing grows, it is 99% of the human body’s molecular make up, and it covers most of the earth. Water, precious water. I have started to bless my drinking water before drinking it or using it for watering my garden. For I make a small assumption that the water will carry that vibration of blessing wherever it goes, transforming every other matter it touches, or is absorbed by for the good.

DSCN8821This brings me to mermaids. No, not necessarily the next step in my rambling, but this is how my mind works, alas! Mermaids carry with them a certain magic, a mystery, a secret from beneath the surface of the sea. And we human folk…we human folk who still hold mermaids in our hearts, love them. We find them mysterious and adorable at the same time, playful and secretive, beautiful and shy, funny and endearing, colorful, and in my case, fuzzy! And when we project these positive feelings onto them they swim with this vibration through the water and take us with them on their journey…to feel the same feelings within ourselves. We transform into the mysterious and the beautiful, the secretive and the playful. We become all the positive attributes that we could possibly conjure and project onto this creature, few of us have observed in the tangible world.

Yet, she doesn’t need to be seen with our eyes to be real. She is the vibration in our imaginations. And as she swims through her adventures, she moves the water within us toward all that is possible.

This is the reason I chose to do my next workshop about creating mermaids. Let the class be a dive off point into the watery realm of transformation – a creative journey, an exploration of beauty, mystery and playfulness. I am hoping that each of my participants will leave the class just a little different than when they arrived. Certainly he or she will have greater skills, and a magnificent felted mermaid to show for their efforts, but perhaps each individual will also find something new within themselves to swim around with in life. Something positive. Something surprising.

June 29 Workshop
















The class will take place is So. Pasadena from 11-2, Sunday, June 29, and includes all materials and a light organic lunch.You can sign up by CLICKING HERE. Or, you can Paypal the class fee of $125 directly to me at

Thank you for joining us!



News about my healing is now HERE. You can make a donation, or just read about my amazing progress!

Transformation, frequency, vibration and the gift

The Gift Needle Felted Sculptural Wool Painting by Rebecca Varon

The Gift Needle Felted Sculptural Wool Painting by Rebecca Varon

By now you must have heard the “news” of my diagnosis. I won’t go into the details here, you can see what it is at I would really prefer not to even name it anymore if I can help it. Neil Simon wrote a hilarious play called “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” in which the characters wouldn’t say the word out of superstition. But is it really superstition? Or is there something to be said about not repeating that which you do not wish to manifest or continue to manifest? If you are familiar with the Old Testament, you know that “G-d said,” this that and the other thing….and it was so.

From my point of view, we are all part of the creative force in the universe, which we call G-d, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, etc. I like to think of it as Infinite Wisdom or Infinite Source…and it runs through us, as us and is partly, well,  us. From a purely scientific perspective, we’ve got atoms and electrons spinning around, dark matter, which is all the stuff between atoms that no one seems to be able to figure out. We’ve got radio waves that cause things to vibrate, cells which recreate themselves every three months or so, and we’ve got our very powerful minds.

So what does all this have to do with my “diagnosis”? I see it as all the stuff I forgot. I went to sleep on autopilot, working, sleeping, getting my daughter off to school, working, sleeping, saying Hi to my husband, working, making lunch, rushing off to beat the morning bell, eating, and eating and eating….and brewing with a sort of intangible resentment just under the skin! For though I love my daughter and husband and my work and though I adore my customers and found that all their beautiful notes kept me inspired to create on the outside, something in me was not expressing itself as my most full me. I wasn’t enjoying life.

Then February 6 came along…the day I went for an ultrasound. I had a day of utter and complete shock, fear, self-loathing, blame, anger and tears. It was like the dam, which had been keeping my emotions at bay all year, for years! had finally been unlocked and the flood began.

Then about 3 days later, after the water dried, I had an epiphany. I could choose to live in joy no matter what. I could go back to my true beliefs about how the world operates and could decide that February 6th was a very loud wake up call, and that I was in an amazing state of transformation for the better. I realized that I had been vibrating at a frequency which aligned itself with illness and a few other unsavory concepts, and that I needed to up the ante with myself and become who I really am.

I researched many therapies, including a few that made me so uncomfortable I cannot mention them! Finally I happened onto an alternative option: IPT…Insulin Potentiated Therapy combined an insane amount of testing to see what works with my biochemistry, what environmental elements are in my blood and affecting me, etc….with a whole host of immune boosters, Qi Gong, exercise, and a new way of thinking.

And though just about everything is very expensive, and speaks a strange language insurance companies do not understand, the thinking part was free and all mine! This was something I could own no matter what. So, I used my thinking to change my perspective and see this all as a gift — An amazing gift which I could use not only to help myself, but hopefully, by example to help others.

Yes, we could use some financial help from some “Angels.” So, if you wish, please click the icon below. In return, I would love to send you a wee fairy thank you gift!

But aside from the daunting aspect of the finances, the thought remains. This is a gift. As I have shared with many of you, I have never felt better in my life. And I am sure the joy I hold in my heart, the gratitude which is saturating every cell in my body, the love I have for everyone, every event, every mistake, every achievement in my life, the acceptance of myself no matter what….all these positive feelings have raised my vibrational frequency on our dear earth. My body cannot help but heal. And my hope is that the joy I feel on this new adventure will spread to you and you and you and you…and that we will all enjoy the, well, joy together!

Thank you for joining me for the ride! Just your being here today is a gift in and of itself!

Sending many blessings of love, light and joy to you and your families!






Welcome to Nushkie!

Nushkie Needle Felting Treasures Tutorials, Supplies and Workshop Invitation.

Nushkie Needle Felting Treasures Tutorials, Supplies and Workshop Invitation.

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